May 24th, 2017
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Nilien smiled at Augustin and Riva as they came towards her. She had a secret! A secret that had nothing to do with her being a Wild Rune, or with someone trying to kill her! She found her smile growing wider and wider. They were almost here. She rose up on the balls of her feet and dropped down before she drew too much attention to herself. The last thing she wanted was Thesri getting wind of this.

“What is it?” Riva asked, the moment she was close. “Did they catch the - the culprit?”

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I haven’t done one of these in a while, but it’s the season to get back into them, I suppose: What I Did on my Summer Vacation Weekend.

Although in this case, it’s a bit of vacation, too, since I started with taking Wednesday and Thursday off, worked Friday, and then took the weekend.

So this extended weekend was all about gardening — or, more accurately, gardening prep. We went two two nurseries, pulled out all our nice ceramic pots to outline the edge of the “patio”, and then went to a plant sale at the local high school.

(Our “patio” is a slab of concrete filling in the space made by an L in house construction. It’s amazing how much MORE patio-like it looks with the addition of a line of pretty pots (Ollie’s Discount Outlet; one’s a little rhomboid, one has a flaw in the glazing, but they cost for five of them what one would cost non-seconds) does to make it look like an intentional outdoor space. Add in the nice plastic-decking-wood deck chairs and table we got last year and it’s a proper patio.)
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After M/m Keeper/Kept and Keeper’s Interview and Needs a Title and Bad Titling is Catching and More M/m, when I’d given up on titles and The Driver Weighs Inand Sal’s Questions and Claws and Monsters and Weapons and Impressions and Masks and Tim Kaprinsky's House, Timaios' Bedroom and Take it Off and Danny and Let's Eat and Plans.

Ctiard struggled to finish eating. Finally he had to admit, “I’m full. I’m sorry.”

Timaios frowned, and Ctirad’s stomach dropped. “Fuck. I hope you didn’t stuff yourself too much?”

“What?” Ctirad stared at him in confusion. “No, sir, you said ‘finish eating’ and…” He was panicking. This was mortifying. He swallowed and tried to get control of himself.
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May 23rd, 2017
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As mentioned here, I want to map more things. So...

(Note: Yeah, I borked up "One of the museums in the Dragons Next Door ‘verseMore of the Things Unspoken map?" It was meant to replace the first half with the second half.)

Poll #18406 What should I Map?
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What should I Map?

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3 (42.9%)

Leo’s Territory in Chess Timeline
0 (0.0%)

Cloverleaf’s wider territory in canon
3 (42.9%)

all the named locations in north america, fae apoc
3 (42.9%)

One year of Autumn’s wanderings, annotated.
4 (57.1%)

Smokey Knoll.
5 (71.4%)

Feltian’s house?
2 (28.6%)

One of the museums in the Dragons Next Door ‘verseMore of the Things Unspoken map?
4 (57.1%)

Junie’s school, or the Black Tower, or the Pumpkin.
4 (57.1%)

The “Aunt Houses” of all the various branches of the Aunt Family.
5 (71.4%)

An annotated social gathering as seen by Lance the Star Mapper.
1 (14.3%)

Fairy Town
2 (28.6%)

2 (28.6%)

The ship in Space Accountant.
4 (57.1%)

Jason’s island.
3 (42.9%)

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When I posted The Gardener I was asked (and now I can’t find where, sigh) about Damkina and the apocalypse. So here is Damkina and the apocalypse, considerably longer than I’d intended. :-)

The sky was black and red, and in the distance an unearthly howl echoed through the city. But the squash would not forgive her skipping their bug treatment and the weeds in the pepper garden were unseemly.

Damkina muttered wards against bugs as she slammed her hoe into the ground with more force than was strictly necessary.

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Originally posted on 2012. If you sense a theme, it’s likely because “Wine and/or roses” was the Giraffe Call theme in Feb. 2012.

It was, as fairy gifts went, rather strange.

As wedding gifts go, it was even odder.

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It was hot so the ganache frosting melted and my food photography really needs work, sorry!

When baking chocolate things in my household, there are two things that we almost always do to up the chocolate flavor, and two more we do as we remember to:

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May 22nd, 2017
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Nilien was drawing in the margins of her notes.

It wasn’t a boring class, and she really ought to be focusing, but she kept thinking about Ember, and Ember Spying on Chason.

Chason. She bit her lip and stared at her notes for a moment until she got her feelings and thoughts under control. He was nice. She didn’t want him to be involved in any of this mess! She didn’t want him to think she was a horrid spying untrusting sneak, either.

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Chapter 19: Abednego
by Lyn Thorne-Alder

Monday, October 16, 2000

“Abednego.”  Professor Valerian’s hand landed on his shoulder.  “I know Professor Cayenne is your mentor, but I've noticed you're having quite a bit of trouble focusing in my class, and I'm not sure she can help with that.  Would you like to come to my office and discuss it?”

Abednego swallowed.  “I, no, that’s okay, ma’am.  I’ll figure something out.”

“How are you doing, anyway?  Kids aren’t giving you trouble, are they?  I know your brothers…”

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May 20th, 2017
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May 19th, 2017
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Because [personal profile] inventrix's Mastodon instance is tootplanet, and because Catterfly has been making a tootplanet a day, I've been writing a series of little 500-character-or-less survey logs of planets for an exploration ship.

There's a thread of them here:

And here's one

Star Log, Sec. 7, Sub. 13

We came upon a lovely system-2 planets in our search parameters, orbiting close together.

The further one sported vast ruins, but only around the equator. They were taller than anything back home, almost belting the planet-but no radio signals, no signs of current occupancy. We sent several probes. We may send a team when we loop back around.

The closer planet showed life just above stone-age. We sent a stealth probe, nothing else.
May 18th, 2017
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More of a vignette than a true story, a bit involving two pure-bred Ellehemaei some time not too long before The War. Verena has appeared recently in “…There is a Military Group in the Area. ..."


“I’m sorry, Tancred, but our family is depleted and this was the deal we could make.”

Tancred‘s mother didn’t look all that sorry. If anything, she looked pleased.

That was like her, though. She’d solved two problems with one stone.

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Originally posted during the run of Addergoole: The Original Series, so sometime between 2009 & 2012.

It rained at Martin’s funeral; Meckil made sure of it.

She wasn’t allowed at the funeral; ancient ancestral promises banned her from hallowed ground across the continent. So she stood outside, under the branches of the linden tree that had Named her, dressed in mourning as befit a widow, heedless of the scandal, and watched, working the Words of the rainfall into Martin’s eulogy.
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After Beryl and one Specific Boy, which is after B is for Beryl and her Boys.

“I know,” Jake admitted, “a cemetery isn’t really the ordinary sort of place to take a girl on a date. But I figured, you’re not an ordinary sort of girl, and, really, I’m not really all that normal myself, so why would we go on an ordinary date?

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“I think…” Nilien focused on the wall for a minute. When you actually got through all the dirt, there was surprisingly nice wood panelling behind it. “Well, I think this place is going to be pretty if we get a few lamps and a couple chairs down here. A very nice hide-out, though sneaking chairs down might be tricky.”

“We just need a secret club to have secret meetings in our secret hide-out,” Lorque giggled. “Did you know there’s marble down here on the floor? Some sort of mosaic. I’m not sure what yet, but it’s going to need more water than we brought down. We should get Benoir down here to help us clean.”

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Chapter 18: Arnbjörg
by Lyn Thorne-Alder

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May 17th, 2017
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“I like him, though.” Nilien sighed. “I don’t know. Why’s he friends with her, anyway? Even he says she’s as prickly as her badger.” She had put off the wet-mopping as long as she could; she dipped her rag in the warm soapy water and started washing.

“Well, maybe he just has really bad taste in people. I mean, I think he’s a lousy judge of character, but what are his other friends like?”

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Fae-Apoc, at the apocalypse, California, 2011.

Verena Truth-Blade was rich. She had gotten that way through patience and dedication, two things her breed were not known for, and by knowing when the time was to spend and when to save.

She had learned that throwing experts at a problem, not money, was the best idea, properly-motivated experts, and had cultivated stables of such experts throughout the centuries.

So when the gods started attacking her home, she got on the phone.

“We’re not going to make it into space in time,” she told the head of her design team for the very-long-term space-station project. “Because our infrastructure is about to be destroyed out from under us. New project. We’re going under water.”

“We’re what?”

She laid out the project, ending with “give me specs, I’ll take care of the manufacturing. We’re in a hurry, we’re not cutting any corners but we are taking shortcuts.”
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May 16th, 2017
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Part I
💰 💸 💰 💸 💰
Abigail reached out her hand without thinking. “What - oh.” It was an amulet, bronze-like in color, the script swirling around it looking similar to that on the awning.

“What is it?” Liv crowded in close. “What - hunh. What is it?” she repeated.

“I’m not sure,” Abigail admitted.

“It is,” the old woman interjected, “a key and a shield, a sword and a lock. It will do what you need it to. And for you two, it is free. Now, should you want something else, do come in and look around.”

Oh, a freebie. Abigail slid the amulet on its cord around her neck and stepped into the old woman’s shop.

Inside seemed like a tent more than a shop, with blankets layering the walls until you couldn’t see the shape of the room it was in, shelves stacked here and there and hangers dangling from ropes criss-crossing the ceiling. The skirts and dresses hanging from the hangers were the prettiest things Abigail had ever seen.

Liv, on the other hand, seemed drawn to the cases of jewelry and strange things arranged in a back corner. Abigail found her digging in her pocket. “I’m down to five dollars,” she moaned. “I never should have gotten that stupid necklace from Spencer’s.”

“I will trade,” the old woman suggested. “The ‘stupid necklace’ for this piece you want.”

The piece looked like scrimshaw, a twist of bone carved with an elaborate pattern.

“Is that even legal to own?” Abigail wondered.

The old woman smiled. “The animal it comes from is not endangered. A trade? The piece you regret for this piece? It will look lovely with that blue dress in your bag.”

Liv looked down at the piece, sighed, and nodded. “A trade, thank you. That’s very nice of you.”

“I deal in trades,” the woman told her, “and regrets. Thank you for your custom, young ladies.”
Without seeming as if they were leaving, they were outside her shop again.

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See Also Plans
Let's see, Math.
Cya starts year 6, 2000 AD
Yoshi starts Year 24, 2018 AD
The White Stag grandson starts... year 41? We'll say 41, 2035
The next one is year 60, great-grandson, 2056
So call this 2064.

There were two people at Iasthai’s front door: a woman with a red streak through chocolate-brown hair and a very skinny man with hair so blonde it was nearly white. They weren’t part of the neighborhood, that much Iasthai knew; it was a small enough, isolated enough village that she knew all her neighbors — and they were clean and well-dressed like Addergoole people, but they weren’t anyone Iasthai recognized from there either.

The woman looked familiar, but Iasthai couldn’t quite place where or why.

“Iasthai?” She asked like it was a formality.

“That’s me,” she agreed carefully.
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May 15th, 2017
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It's time to shorten my writing list again. Funny how that happens.

Things that WILL be on my list:
Addergoole: a Ghost story; Patreon; Tootplanet.

I need seven more. What are they?

Poll #18374 What should I continue?
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What stories should stay/go on the list?

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Cya and Manus
4 (26.7%)

9 (60.0%)

The Hidden Mall
7 (46.7%)

9 (60.0%)

Finish It (Tilden)
2 (13.3%)

Poul/The Quest
1 (6.7%)

Fourth Husband
4 (26.7%)

The Trouble with Chickens/Theories
2 (13.3%)

Desmond’s Climb
10 (66.7%)

Kitty Kitty Neko?
3 (20.0%)

Luke’s Rescue Mission 2
5 (33.3%)

Crayon Bingo
3 (20.0%)

buffy goes to Addergoole
4 (26.7%)

H/C Bingo
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4 (26.7%)

Something else, in comments
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Something NEW, in comments
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Something really OLD, in comments
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Something New? Something Old? Something else?

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Chapter 17: Leofric
by Inspector Caracal

Wednesday, October 11, 2000

Eriko was busy doing her homework. For anything else, it would've been a bad time — it was a bad time, if he was being honest, but it was almost impossible to find a good time when it was just the two of them. And Leofric really wanted this to be a private conversation.

Leofric had chosen a spot on the floor that was clearly visible from her desk (but not in the way; he didn't want to be in the way, she didn't like that) and knelt there. He didn't want to interrupt her; he couldn't interrupt her, even if he wanted to, not since that one time he had and she'd ordered him not to. So instead, he settled into his spot and waited.

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