May 24th, 2017
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A pretty great song I think we could all use a lot of right now.

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The New York Times and other US-based MSM outlets are currently publishing sensitive details likely to impede investigation of the Manchester bomb, details whih they seem to have got from intelligence sharing between US and UK intelligence sources. It shows the hollowness of all the "thoughts and prayers" rhetoric. That's not the behaviour of an ally, it's that of the worsy sort of collaborateur, the sort who does it not from conviction but for gain.
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Most of you know this, but for those of you who don’t…

I have a small part on the first episode of MST3K’s first revival episode. Erin Gray and I get to deliver all the exposition about Jonah’s backstory. It’s pretty great, and this was a freaking dream come true for me.

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Just heard from my mother we had family friends in the Manchester Arena on Monday night - mother, teenage daughter, teenage friend.

Okay, thankfully, but too, too close to home.

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We are home! We got back -- uh, almost two days ago now, but I spent Monday night talking to roommate and then passing out, and basically slept or zoned out most of yesterday, so this is my first properly here and awake day. The festival more or less did not go terribly, save for a few issues here and there. Didn't get any readings or make a lot of money, but we got a whole bunch of people taking cards and signing up for mailing lists, so that's exciting, and I got to see a fun musical show, bought some neat things, and discovered a whole new form of divination to play with. And Bast discovered bone readings.

There's a few ideas we have for making our products more eye-catching next time we do this and we're not doing any big festivals until next year, so. Hopefully it goes a little smoother next time.

Now that I'm home I need to do a bunch of work on my mother's stuff, overhaul some stuff on my site, and get my toe dipped into the editing stuff, but this coming week roommate's going on vacation and we're going to be doing a lot of physical cleaning and reorganizing, so that's the main priority.

It also kind of kindled a desire to jump back into magic/religion stuff, which is nice, even if I have no idea where to go with that. I also want to do writing stuff, which, no idea where that came from, but here we are. I keep eyeing [community profile] smallfandomfest and [community profile] pod_together though. (As podficcer or writer on that last one, I'm not sure, but man I want to do the thing.) I guess we'll see this week. Work kind of needs to be the front burners, but... words.

I think that's about it -- I am going to get coffee, put on the Mechanisms, and try and get my head in gear for doing something.
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S was singing this song this morning ago (she heard it on the radio in the shower) and it is still rattling around in my head. I don't even like it and it's driving me crazy! So, in the name of earworms, I thought I'd be nice enough to pass it on

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From Quartz
The New Orleans mayor is here to remind us that no one is free until everyone is free

Photo caption:
A statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee is lowered to a truck for removal Friday, May 19, 2017, from Lee Circle in New Orleans. The city council voted to remove the monument and three other Confederate and white supremacist monuments in Dec. 2015. An obelisk honoring the militia known as the White League was taken down in April; a statue of Confederate President Jefferson Davis was removed May 11; and a statue of Confederate General P.G.T. Beauregard was taken down on Wednesday.

The city of New Orleans has been making waves lately. After much debate, New Orleans decided to take down four Confederate monuments from around the city. On Friday (May 19), mayor Mitch Landrieu gave a speech about the decision, just hours before the last monument—depicting general Robert E. Lee—came down.

There’s no denying we’re living in a time of political turmoil, and people worldwide are faced with decisions about how they will act, either in resistance or peace. Still, it is striking how Landrieu chose to stay true to his values, in spite of opposition, and so eloquently explained his choice by detailing the history of the Confederacy and the cult of the Lost Cause of the Confederacy.

New Orleans is making an active effort to rewrite its history to be inclusive. You can watch the full speech and read the full transcript below:

Click headline for article, with video and transcript

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Anne of Green Gables proves child labour is good! And Batman proves that we don't need cops, just highly motivated oligarchs in tights.
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Today's prompt is "the man in pink".
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Weigh-in: 108kg approx.

Benchpress: 1x5 at 60kg, 5x5 at 65kg.
Prone leg lifts: 5x10
Lat raise: 3x10 at 8kg/arm
Bicep curl 3x10 at 7kg/arm
Military press: 3x10 at 4kg/arm

Cardio: cycling 5.3km in 15:00.

After two weeks tapping around and climbing a bit instead of gym sessions, and following a late night with a morning blood draw, I don't think that's too bad. (I skipped my squats in case I had dizziness: dizziness with 100kg more on your shoulders is not good.)
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This book really needs to go on my To Be Read list! Gail Garriger has several intertwined paranormal/steampunky series. Romancing the Invntor tosses in a lesbian romance as well as a mad scientist. Oh, and vampires. Mustn't forget the vampires.

Imogene Hale is a lowly parlourmaid with a soul-crushing secret. Seeking solace, she takes work at a local hive, only to fall desperately in love with the amazing lady inventor the vampires are keeping in the potting shed. Genevieve Lefoux is heartsick, lonely, and French. With culture, class, and the lady herself set against the match, can Imogene and her duster overcome all odds and win Genevieve’s heart, or will the vampires suck both of them dry?

It can be hard to find mainstream SFF books with "incidental lesbians" -- lesbian characters in stories that aren't "about" sexuality. Books like Romancing the Inventor give me how that some day publishing will be a place where books like the Alpennia series could have found a home in mainstream SFF. In the mean time, if you love mainstream SFF but wish it had more queer women in it, check out Mother of Souls.

The Great November Book Release Re-Boot is a blog series talking about November 2016 releases that may have been overshadowed by unfortunate political events.

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I got back to Michigan late on Monday after a wonderful week in France for Les Imaginales.

The festival was amazing. The whole town participates and helps to sponsor Les Imaginales, which felt like a cross between a book fair, convention, and renaissance festival. The town is gorgeous, the food is delicious, and there were dogs everywhere–even in restaurants or sitting under a table in the book tent 🙂

I’ve posted photos from the book fair on Flickr. I’ve got a bunch more to get through and post, but I’m doing them one batch at a time.

The best part, naturally, was getting to hang out with some wonderful author friends from America, and to meet new authors, fans, editors, and fellow geeks from France and elsewhere.

It was fascinating to see the differences between French and American conventions. The panels were very different. Instead of a free-for-all conversation, the moderator asked each author a question, one at a time. There wasn’t much interaction between the authors. It felt a bit more formal, but also made sure everyone got the chance to talk and contribute. You were also expected to talk a fair amount about your book and how it related to the topic. At home, I try to avoid doing that too much, but in France, it’s expected that you’ll talk about your writing and help the audience learn enough to decide whether or not they’re interested.

Which means the best time to be in the book tent is immediately after you’ve done a panel. (I didn’t figure that out for my first panel, and probably missed some sales since I didn’t immediately go to the tent afterward. D’oh!)

I’m still trying to get caught up on everything. In the meantime, have a few pictures. (Or check out the full album on Flickr or Facebook!)

A shot of Epinal at night

Authors en route to Epinal

James Morrow and Christopher Priest

Château d’Épinal

A bit of historical reenactment? I really don’t understand French history…

My thanks to everyone at the festival for inviting me, for their hard work organizing the event, and for making this such a delightful week.

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Looking for stories about, "I did the Thing. Now what?" Any suggestions?

ETA: My 2004 Hat Full of Sky review touches on what I'm currently seeking in a story. There has to be a better ending than "We thought we were going to die, but we didn't, and now we don't know what to do with ourselves" than Frodo leaving the Grey Havens with the elves. Or rather, there has to be a way to begin again as a survivor even if what you survived is your own heroic triumph. What I want is stories about people finding that new beginning and having a purpose that's more ambiguous, and paradoxically more ambitious, than "saving the world." How do you live in a "saved" world, especially if saved still equals broken? How do you do the Rogue One thing if you don't die at the end? The single hero/savior is a great dramatic myth, but there's a toxicity to it as well.  

The superhero answer is that the world simply doesn't stay saved so you have to do it all again tomorrow. Which is true, constant vigiliance and all that, but what if you are not in fact a superhero or even a regular old hero? (Oh, dear, I'm headed into the world of Literary Fiction, aren't I?)

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This is the Place
at the Manchester Evening News

(Alternate youtube link: This is the Place)


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